Our Markets

Convenience Store / Grocery Stores

Tn’T offers a full packaged sweet line that offers higher margins in a competitive market. Our DSD drivers are the best in the industry and will help each store maximize sales and profits.


Tn’T pies are a great solution for vending customers. Our pies offer a tremendous value to your customers at 5.5 oz and have helped numerous vending companies increase their bottom line.


Tn’T is a great sweet solution for many caterers. We are small enough to customize orders and work with customers to fulfill their needs and large enough to have the capacity to fill nearly any size order on short notice.

Fundraising program

Are you a member of a group, team, or club that needs help fundraising? We have a fundraising program that can help you raise money fast and easy with a 50% margin. Give one of our fundraising experts a call today.

Wholesalers / Distributors

If you are a distributor or wholesaler looking to carry some great products, give us a call and we will show you what Tn’T can do for you.

Private Label

Private label opportunities are available with Tn’T Pies. Please contact us for more information on a private label program to customize a solution to fit your needs.

Farmer’s Markets

Baked fresh with a delicious homemade taste Tn’T pies are an excellent fit in the farmer’s market’s atmosphere.

Bakery Outlets

Offering a great value for vendors and customers, Tn’T brand thrives in bakery outlets.

At Tn’T the customer truly comes first. We continuously work with customers to provide exactly what they need when they need it. Please contact us and we can start a partnership today.